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    LA Teachers Strike


    In the City of Angels, where everything seems right in the world (according to the big screen), teachers are extremely unhappy with class sizes, salaries and the lack of counselors and nurses.

    Monday, January 14th, 2019, more than 32,000 teachers and staff walked out of their jobs in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). This means that 600,000 children will be forced to attend school without their teachers, until the budget is corrected and the schools are funded properly. Substitutes and temporary administrators have been brought in, but the outrageous number of children with a shortage of teachers could lead to disaster.

    This strike is not just about Los Angeles, however. Other states such as Oklahoma and Arizona requested major improvements to their school system last year… and it worked. The tide of educational reform is turning in favor of the underpaid teachers and their union representatives. The teacher’s union could not come to an agreement with the LAUSD, however, and now have to perform a strike.

    A Lakewood High School teacher, who prefers not to be named, said,”I think one of the best values in the world is education–you get your money’s worth in any corner. People just don’t value education like they value material possessions.”

    The strike is now reaching its fifth day, and the teachers on strike show no signs of backing down. The state funds schools based on daily attendance, and LAUSD has already lost $97 million from the strike, so negotiators from both sides are itching to come to a compromise that appeases both sides.  The amount of children actually attending school is 84,000… out of the district’s 600,000.

    If this strike goes into next week, LAUSD could see an even more drastic drop in attendance, therefore reducing funding detrimentally.






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