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    4-year-old boy shoots pregnant mom in the face


    A four-year-old boy from Seattle unintentionally shot his mother in the face Sunday morning. He found a loaded gun in an apartment that was under a mattress. The worst part about this incident is that his mother is eight months pregnant.

    The 27 year-old woman and her boyfriend were in bed watching TV on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, the boy walked into the room and found a handgun. He proceeded to shoot his mother in the face, said Sgt. Ryan Abbott, a spokesman for the King County Sheriffs Office. The boyfriend claimed the gun was placed between the mattress and box spring.

    The mother was rushed to the hospital shortly after this tragedy took place. As she got to the hospital, she was found with life-threatening wounds, according to The Washington Post. The unidentified woman is now in stable condition. The condition of the unborn child is unknown.

    The boyfriend, who is also the father of the young boy, is under investigation. They are questioning him as to why he possessed an unregistered firearm in the first place. No one is sure if they are going to press any charges on him due to the fact that the firearm was not registered. The gun was said to be “borrowed” from a friend. The police reported that they do not believe the gun was stolen.

    This particular accidental shooting happened just months after Washington state voters approved a controversial topic which would hold a person to be criminally liable if he or she fails to properly secure a gun that was fired by someone who is not legally able to shoot it, such as a child or felon. In King County the council officials recently approved a law imposing fines up to $1,000 for failing to safely secure a firearm.

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