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    History of Valentine’s Day


    Chocolates, flowers, hearts of red and pink fill our day every year on February 14th– all because of St. Valentine.

    There are many legends that relate to Valentine’s Day, but the one that is most believed is the one regarding his secrets that costed him his own life. Saint Valentine was seen to be a priest in Rome around the third century who married individuals. Then, one of the most powerful emperors decided that soldiers who are single and unmarried are better in times of war compared to those who have wives. So, in an effort to keep it that way he outlawed marriage.

    St. Valentine truly believed in love and that it was one of the most powerful things– it needed to be valued and not disrespected like the emperor was doing. Valentine continued to marry people in secret in hopes that no one would find out; unfortunately that was not the case. Rome’s emperor found out and put Valentine to death.

    In today’s day in age, we take the day the Valentine was killed and celebrate the love that he believed in. We observe on the fourteenth of February with all things surrounding the idea of love–open to interpretation of course.

    This Valentine’s day show your significant other how much they mean through hearts and chocolate, but do not forget about how we got this beloved day!

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