Indiana Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

Indiana Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

Maddi Tobey

The Indian Police have arrested a man on animal cruelty charges. Gordon Turentine, a sixty-two year old, left his dog outside in extreme cold. His dog, Remy, had been under his care for 10 years. Turentine was warned by neighbors and his landlord to bring his dog inside due to the sub-zero temperatures. Sadly he did not heed their warnings; Remy was found frozen in the doghouse the next morning. Turentine proceeded to place the body in a dumpster.

Volunteers with the organization “Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside” (FIDO) responded to Turentine’s house to check on the dog, after reports of it being left outside. Volunteer Darcie Kurtz was the first person to discover the remains of the dog. Kurtz told reporters, “It was really underweight. It looked like it had frozen. It was in bad shape. It had suffered and died.” Kurtz found the case especially upsetting because Turentine was made aware of the dangerous conditions, but still did not bring his dog in. He knew his dog would freeze, but he remained indifferent.

Gordon Turentine was arrested by IMPD on Febuary 6th. Turentine is also facing citations for improper care and treatment and unlawful disposal of an animal. IMPD made it clear that those who neglect their pets will be held accountable, because these animals rely on their owners to ensure their safety and well-being.

Lakewood High School senior, Sofi Dunay, was heartbroken to hear of the story. Dunay commented, “This really was devastating to hear. That man failed in his job of caring for his pet of 10 years. I couldn’t imagine that happening to my dog.”