First Starbucks Opening in Lakewood

First Starbucks Opening in Lakewood

Nina Zanghi

The first ever Starbucks in Lakewood is going to be opening up this summer. The Starbucks will be installed where the old Burger King was, at 15027 Detroit Avenue. This new Starbucks will feature a drive-through and will employ about 20 people. Next week, Starbucks will present their plans for the modification of the building to the city’s Architectural Board of Review.

The mayor and the director of city planning both support the plans to add the Starbucks to Lakewood, both saying that this shows the strength of retail in Lakewood. Although many leaders in Lakewood support the idea of a Starbucks arriving, there are mixed feelings among the Lakewood community.

On one hand, many are excited for the new enterprise. As Lakewood High School student, Annika Mintzlaff, says, “I am looking forward to the Starbucks. It would be so nice to have one so close to home.” Right now, the closest Starbucks to Lakewood is on Clifton in Cleveland; there is also one on Detroit in Rocky River. The new location is much closer, offering a new convenience to the citizens of Lakewood.

On the other hand, many do not want the store to come to Lakewood. As Lakewood High School, Clara McGuan, says, “There is no need in having a Starbucks, a giant multimillion dollar company, right across from the Root, a successful and local company.” Many feel that we already have enough coffee places in Lakewood, so a Starbucks would be unnecessary. They also feel it would make downtown even more crowded and almost impossible to drive through.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Starbucks.