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    What’s Wrong With Pit-bulls?

    Whats Wrong With Pit-bulls?

    Over the years, the question of whether or not pit-bulls should be allowed in cities has been up for discussion in multiple different locations.  Parma currently has a misdemeanor charge for anyone who owns a pit-bull, which advocates are trying to overturn the decision in May.

    Many other cities in Ohio also have problems concerning whether or not pit-bulls should be allowed. Lakewood has also had a ban in past times, but has since been removed. Except there are still restrictions such as only being able to have one per household, only outside with an adult,  and being muzzled off premises.

    But why are they so dangerous?

    According to One Green Planet, they say that, “Pit-bulls are not more dangerous than any other breed of dog,” but other sources such as ASPCA, say that pit-bulls are known for their history and being bred to fight.

    It does not mean that all pit-bulls are dangerous, but they can be trained or raised to be an aggressive breed, but then again so can any breed. Though they have certain characteristics meant for fighting, they do not always utilize them. With the reports that have been given about the breed continuously attacking children gives them a bad reputation.

    A Lakewood resident and Pit-bull owner, Jack Hueter, said “Pit-bull bans are unnecessary, the way a dog is raised is the way a dog will act. If a dog is raised wrong or to attack it will attack, it’s not only Pit-bulls. Pit-bulls are wrongly targeted; the only reason these types of dogs are documented so much is because they are such powerful dogs. All dog will attack if raised to and it’s unfair to ban one type of dog when all are cable to.”

    Jack Hueter’s dog

    Due to the past history and violent attacks that have occurred, it is reasonable that residents have been hesitant about the breed, however every animal deserves a chance.


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