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    Duke Player Injured by Busted Nike


    Thirty three seconds into the Duke vs. North Carolina game on Wednesday, February 20th, freshman superstar Zion Williamson (playing for Duke) sprained his right knee after the sole of his left shoe detached and caused him to slip.

    Is Zion Williamson fulfilling a biblical prophecy? From the age of 9, Williamson began waking up every day at 5 a.m. to train for his dream of becoming a basketball star. At 18 years old, Williamson stands at 6’7″ and 285 pounds. Kevin Durant describes him as a,”once-in-a-generation type athlete”. Williamson is projected as the #1 pick of the 2019 NBA Draft, and the disintegration of his Nike PG 2.5 caused stock in Nike to drop almost 2% (Kaepernick caused a 4% drop, for comparison). Along with this odd occurrence, Obama and Spike Lee were present and watched it all go down.

    Zion Williamson, although on the heavier side of basketball players, is known for his speed and agility. Williamson has shown multiple feats of strength on the court, including denting a basketball and hitting his head on the backboard trying to block a play.

    Joe Baire says,”When you weigh that much, you’re bound to hurt yourself in some way. Breaking through his shoe is not surprising to me because his athleticism is used in almost every play.”

    Because Nike relies so heavily on their image, pouring about $11.5 billion every year into marketing and endorsements, endorsement deals are what keeps their company afloat. Although Nike shouldn’t see a serious drop in sales in the long run, because of consistency in product quality, they are not infallible.

    Needless to say, we are all wondering about Zion Williamson’s future with Duke and Nike alike.


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