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    Why is Education So Expensive?


    Every human being on this earth is born and raised to do the same thing: going to school and getting a good education to make you successful in life. I know we all hate school but we truly do need it for not just learning the quadratic equation, how to annotate a poem, what chemicals are not supposed to be mixed together. We need school for social skills and to get ready for when we have a job seven days a week that we have to be up and ready for. There is just one major problem…Education is just so much money.

    I understand we need to pay money to go to school because it helps fund the teachers and the school in general but for people who do not have a lot of money it is really hard sending their child to a good school. We all want our children to have a great education to make them successful in life but when you do not have the money to afford a great education it is really hard.

    There are so many people who are in debt from college and college loans because it costs thousands and thousands of dollars to get extra education to help with your future and what you want to do with your life. We make the choice to go to college and so many of us are limited to where we want to go because our dream school is just so expensive and you do not want to have to pay for all of that later on in life.

    “While looking for colleges particular to my study and what I want to do in the future is hard because they all just cost so much money,” said junior Tara Kantura. If you want all of these kids to go to school and have a great education and become the leaders/CEOs of tomorrow, then give them the money off. Affording college is so hard but if we do not go we are stupid or do not want to be successful in life.

    We want to go far in life and go to colleges and nice schools but it is never that easy. Is it?

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