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    Teenager Gets Vaccinated Against Parents Wishes


    Ethan Lindenberger grew up in a world that was against vaccination.

    At 18 years old, he still hadn’t gotten a flu shot or the measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine most have gotten as kids. He was raised think it was normal to not be vaccinated. He never had the experience of getting pricked in the arm at a doctors office, being covered with Flintstones band aid, and receiving a lolly pop afterward for being good.

    His mother was staunch and made her anti-vaccination beliefs clear through his childhood and his teenage years. There was no arguing or room for debate. As a child, he had the flu but never came in contact with chickenpox, measles, or other similar diseases.

    As a teenager, he began to look further. “As I became a teenager and looked into it and decided that the evidence supported vaccines by and large, and that the evidence that they cause autism and brain damage and other misinformed statements weren’t true,” he told CNN in a recent interview.

    Lindenberger eventually made a post on the website Reddit asking for help on how to get vaccinated. With the help of strangers on the internet and a month later, he updated the post saying he was vaccinated.

    He and his parents have agreed to disagree on the issue. He also has several younger siblings, whom of which he hopes will become vaccinated too.

    His decision to become vaccinated didn’t come from his teenager rebellion years but rather him realized the number of kids who aren’t vaccinated is starting to rise. Each state has it’s own laws regarding on whether or not a minor can consent to health care which includes immunizations.

    A report was published by the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention shows that “while the coverage of vaccines remain high and stable overall,” the segment of unvaccinated kids under 2 rose .9% in 2001 to 1.3% for those born in 2015. Most children are routinely vaccinated.



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