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    NCAA March Madness Preview


    Around this time every year, the college basketball season starts to heat up. Next week, the conference tournaments start which is important if your favorite team is on the bubble. For the third year in a row, college hoops fans will get a taste of March Madness in early. On Saturday, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will reveal how it currently ranks the top 16 seeds in the field of 68.

    Among the 16 teams that were part of the March reveal two years ago, 15 were top-16 seeds in the actual bracket one month later. The only team that dropped out, Virginia, was the No. 5 seed and ranked 17th overall. Six of the 16 teams were on the same seed line in March that they were earlier in the year, including three of the No. 1 seeds—Villanova, Kansas, and Gonzaga.

    Senior Adam Hascher said, “I think Duke and Gonzaga have the best chance to win the whole tournament”.

    Thirteen of last year’s top-16 February seeds were still there in March, with two of the five that dropped out, Clemson and Ohio State, ending up as No. 5 seeds. Only Oklahoma, which was a No. 4 seed in February, experienced a dramatic fall, landing as a No. 10 seed in the real bracket. Eight of the 16 teams found themselves on the same line that they were one month earlier, again including three of the four No. 1 seeds—Virginia, Villanova and Xavier. Chances are strong that most of the teams among the top-16 seeds revealed Saturday will still be there in a month, and many of them will be on the same seed line.

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