An open letter to the administration of LHS

An open letter to the administration of LHS

Riley Geyer

Last Friday, I was dress-coded for wearing a skirt that was “too short.” This is a problem in itself, but, in my anger, I told the House Two secretary of another student out of dress code. This student, every Friday, wears a tracksuit with a collage of anime women making sexually suggestive faces. Essentially, it’s pornography without specific nudity. The secretary called him down after I left to change. I don’t know what happened, but, I saw the student later wearing the same outfit.

So, I complained to some friends. They calmed me down and told me to wait until next week, maybe they gave him a pass for the day but he wasn’t allowed to wear it again.

I saw him today.

So, my question to the administration, who I know doesn’t write the dress code, why don’t you enforce these rules equally on both men and women? The dress code, found on the Lakewood City Schools website, specifically states that “any article of apparel, clothing, accessory, tattoo or hair that promotes gangs, subversive groups, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence, criminal activity, or is offensive or degrading is not permitted.”

I am offended. His outfit is sexual in nature, degrading, and pornographic. I’m sure that you, as the administration, are tired of the constant arguments from students over the dress code.  This, however, is inappropriate. I am tired of seeing offensive material worn in an educational environment. Many agree with me.

Madisyn Kelly, an LHS senior, finds his attire distracting and repulsive. “I am, quite honestly, shocked that the teachers haven’t done anything. Just because it’s anime doesn’t mean it’s not sexual.”