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    Mercury is in Retrograde: What Does That Mean?


    Hearing about the term can cause confusion. Retrograde? It is usually used to excuse behavior, negative emotions–a “funk.”

    “It [retrograde] brings back old issues. It creates new issues for people as well. Problems with communication and personal relationships,” Lillian Utrata, Lakewood High School senior and an officer of the LHS Astrology Club, said on the astrological phenomena.

    Retrograde refers to when the planet’s orbit comes to a point where Mercury seems to be moving backward in the viewpoint of the Earth. It’s an illusion and its “backward” movement is cited to be the cause things are seemingly backward.

    Retrograde can affect communication and even affect technology. WiFi stalls, glitches occur. You could find yourself struggling to get projects done or even going through a breakup during this trying astrological time. It began March 5th and is expected to last until the 28th.

    “And it doesn’t help that we’re in Pisces!” Utrata joked. Pisces is the Sun sign of people born between February 19- March 20. It is described as the “sad” sign. They are escapists and “the martyr.” In a season, the traits of a specific sign affect the general population. TO have the stars and planets working mutually towards connective issues, it may feel murky and irksome for the month of March.

    This concept is way outside a single article and a single article can’t convince one of this being real. It has a lot of speculation, but the study of birth charts and planetary alignment is undeniably cool.

    A brief summary of retrograde can be found on the LHS Astrology Club’s Instagram story. And you can follow them for information about further meetings where they share information about astrology–including the idea of planetary alignment and the sun signs as mentioned in the article.

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