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    New Apartments on Detriot


    In October of 2015, construction began on West Clifton Avenue where the old elementary school, McKinley, had been located; The construction went on and soon the spacious, sleek, and savvy townhouses had soon been built.

    The McKinley Place was the first of this change from classic colonial style homes in Lakewood to the more modern townhouses. In the upcoming years Lakewood will begin a transformation and bring in more people.

    Located on Detroit in between Cranford Avenue and Rosewood was the Steve Barry Buick car dealership.  Last May, the dealership began to be emptied out and has been vacant ever since.

    The apartments are projected to go up in late 2019 and are being built by Jerome Solove development Inc. and will be estimated at 25-30 million dollars. Lakewood must give approval through their planning commission before it is finalized.

    Along with that set of apartments, there will be another complex built on Detroit and Bunts Avenue estimated at 35-40 million dollars.

    While the apartments are supposed to bring in more diversity, they are incredibly nice, meaning the price would not be very low; with the complex having high value, the people moving in do not change the diversity of Lakewood on the socioeconomic level.

    Bette Boeff, who has been a Lakewood resident for over 20 years says, “I think it will be a nice addition especially for renters who prefer new housing verses older buildings that make up the majority of current available rental space.”

    Whether or not you support the new apartments being built, Lakewood is expanding itself to new people and families, and they will be pleased to live in such a great city.

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