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    Dick’s Sporting Goods Removes Guns From 125 Stores


    Dick’s Sporting Goods began removing guns from their shelves after the Parkland, Florida, shooting. That shooting led to them changing their gun sales. They removed gun sales from 10 stores to begin with.

    Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack reported that the company is removing guns and no longer allowing gun sales in 125 of their 700 stores across the United States. They stopped selling guns last year in 10 of their stores as a trial to see how the store sales would perform, according to CNN.

    They are planning to replace the hunting goods area that was found in all of their stores. They plan on replacing it with more popular products such as clothing, shoes, and outdoor equipment. Stack claimed that he is looking into categories that “based on the needs of that particular market.” He said the changes are expected to be completed later on this year and that te company was also considering a multiyear initiative. The multiyear initiative depends on how the new companies perform without their gun sales. “If it goes well, we will probably take another batch of stores next year.”

    Stack made a public decision to stop selling guns to customers 21 and under and to stop selling assault-style weapons after the Parkland High School shooting that took place last February. One of the stores located near the high school had previously sold a shotgun to Nikolas Cruz in 2017, the Parkland shooter. However, the gun he bought from them was not the gun he used in the shooting.

    The new policy, though, sparked backlash from their gun advocate consumers. “I think it was a very smart move on the companies part and I very much agree with what they’re doing. It is for the people and their own good. They did not take away any kind of right. They simply just pulled guns off of their shelves,” said junior Dylan Johnson. Their hunting gear sales dropped but went up in other, more popular areas. The retailer also said that they plan on enhancing store experiences and focusing on online sales.

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