In the Midst of Spring Sports

In the Midst of Spring Sports

Jillian Moorman

As the sky gets brighter, the sun stays out longer, and the temperature gets warmer, Lakewood High School’s spring sports teams open up their season. Baseball, softball, track, and boys tennis are all excited to start a new season.

Baseball: the hit and run kind of game. Lakewood has a varsity, junior varsity, and freshman baseball team. The boys are currently traveling to play scrimmages, but their first game is at home on March 23rd. Some highlights to look forward to this season would be the game against our close rival, St. Edward, and senior night. Be sure to get out and support the team.

Our softball team is also beginning their season. Just like the boys, they are still scrimmaging teams surrounding the city, but their first game takes place on March 26th at North Ridgeville. There is only a varsity team, junior varsity and freshman teams do not exist this year.

Track and field is probably one of the most popular spring sports at the high school. The team is split into two groups: boys and girls. Although they are split up, they still compete in meets on the same day; you can see both of the teams while attending. The start of their season is March 29th. Go support one of most populated sports here at LHS.

Last but not least, boys tennis. Their season also begins on March 26th and consists of a varsity and junior varsity team. This sport is not as popular, but by going out and acknowledging the hard work this team puts in, we can hopefully gain some new members for next year.

Maizy Cunningham, a junior on the softball team, stated, “I am looking forward to the upcoming season. We need all the support that we can get, so come out and watch us play.”

With a new season starting, it is never too late to start cheering on your communities teams–so get on out there.