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    Why Teens Need Better Time Management.


    We all know that time of the year at the end of the quarter where we are all cramming to get our work done and get our grades up. It is one of the most stressful times of the year. “When I do not want to do work I usually end up texting my friends “hey” to not have to start my homework,” said Aziza Mohamed. We all stay up until 2 in the morning trying to cram and do all of our homework to have it turned in on time and hopefully raise our grades. We always wait until the last-minute to do and turn everything in when truly that never does help us. We need to learn how to prepare ourselves better for the end of the quarter.

    We do not want to keep stressing over doing homework all throughout the day or all of the test during that last week of the quarter. Teachers need to give us that one last day to just have a work day and get all of our work done and completed. In no way am I blaming the teachers for this because it truly is our fault but they could just give us that one day to help us out a little.

    If we have a test on one day during the week we are going to have to study for it but we also have almost 10 papers to do for our classes. We need to learn to just get it done. Do it the day you get it and try to complete it as soon as possible because then you do not have to worry about it or come back to it during that stressful week.

    Lets just do our work when we get it. Study for a couple of days to ace that test. Just do not wait until the last day. Give yourself that break and relaxation throughout the week and rough days.

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