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    Zion Williamson Returns


    February 20th, a very unexpected injury happened to the Duke commit, Zion Williamson. His first game back was against Syracuse last night. Duke had a dominating win as they won 84-72.

    Zion Williamson dropped 29 points as he shot 13-13 from the field. His return could not have gotten much more perfect than what happened last night. Zion was a key factor in last nights win for Duke.

    As March Madness approaches, Zion could be in one of the most important roles of any player as he has a chance to carry Duke to a championship. As everyone predicts, he will go into the NBA draft next year and winning a championship before going into that can be a huge achievement.

    The media has been talking a lot about what Zion Williamson should do for his future. Should he just sit out and wait for the draft or should he continue playing and finish his season with duke? Those are the two major questions the media has been wondering ever since the injury.

    Zion responded to anyone who was concerned about his future and said “For the people who think I should just stop playing in college… Thanks, but no thanks.” – Bleacher Report.

    Zion Williamson seems very committed to basketball and I thin k that his injury was not bad. Zion is a strong individual and wants to keep working for that championship and a spot in the NBA. He wants to be huge.

    Duke has a great chance to go far in the March Madness tournament, they could be the team to win it all.

    “Zion Williamson is the next big thing when it comes to the game of basketball. He works harder than anyone in the NCAA and will only get better as time goes by,” senior student Will Adams said.

    Big things coming for the big Duke commit.


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