Cormac Peppard-Kramer


Cormac kramer is near death after his big warm up before the race

Samuel, Csora


Question:  Why do you like to run track?

Answer: The team is always fun to be around and train with, but pure competition is what I enjoy

Question: What is the fastest time that you have run a mile?

Answer: My fastest mile was at SWC last year, a 4:35, I expect to go below  4:25 this year.

Question: What made you want to run track in the first place?

Answer: I started running just because my friends did, but once I started it became more than just that.

Question: What was it like running states?

Answer: Running at states was a big experience, the high-level competition was the best in the state and that is something I want to be comfortable with so I can push for a podium spot next year.

Question: How long have you been running track?

Answer: I have been running track since 7th grade, but only started cross-country last year.

Question: What is your favorite thing about track?

Answer: I love my teammates but I also enjoy track for the competition.

Question: What is your favorite race to run, why?

Answer: This is a hard question, My best events are 400-800-1600-3200 but the 800 and 1600 I am most successful in. The 800 is my favorite event because it is the hardest event and the most painful, but is my best event.

`Question: Which run are you best at?

Answer: I’m best at the 800 right now, but  the 1600 I believe I have the most potential in.