Indians Home Opener

Indians Home Opener

Laila Awad

The home opening day for the Cleveland Indians was on Monday, April 1st at Progressive Field. The Indians took on the Chicago White Socks with an ending score of 5 for Indians and 3 for Chicago White Socks. These two teams have faced each other twenty-three times for the Indians’ home opening game.

This home opening game also makes it the twenty-sixth season that the Indians have been at Progressive Field. Additionally, it marks the 119th anniversary of the Cleveland Charter Membership in the American League Nation. Wayne Kirby, an Indians alum, was honored and thrilled to throw the ceremonial first pitch. Sandy Alomar caught that first pitch. He felt like he was, “Back home”. Mike Clevinger, the starting pitcher, had one of the best games in his career, making 12 strikeouts.

During the bottom of the sixth, the Indians scored the first run of the evening. Caleb Frare helped Greg Allen, who pitched five pitches, get a move on and gave the Indians the lead. At first, the Tribe had a little bit of a slack, but when all the teammates helped one another they were able to pull it off. The Tribe made their family, fans, and coaches proud.

Right hander Mike Clevinger, number 52, had thrown seven scoreless innings. “My favorite jersey I ever wore was the old school v-cut red with the red pants,” said Mike, hoping that they would bring the red pants back. Red pants and red jerseys have not been worn since 1975. This quote may make people’s mind change about the change of the uniform.

The weather during the game was all over the place. It started out decent with 50 degrees. As the game went on, the shade came over the field and made it much colder. The team was very hyped about the game – minding the weather. They did not let it get to them and still tried their best.

“We can win the world series,” says Jameelah Abdul-Haqq, a sophomore at Lakewood High School.