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    Post Spring Break Changes


    Sadly, spring break is over. With that comes a new rule to be enforced at LHS. All students must now enter through either the cafeteria doors, or the Robinwood Avenue doors in the C Building.

    The supposed reason for this change is to keep the driveway from getting backed up because nobody had been getting dropped off in the designated drop off zone. Personally, I’ve never seen the traffic get backed up so badly that the system needed to be changed, but what do I know?

    I see it as very unnecessary for every student to have to go into the farthest door from the main building. Yes, I know that some students aren’t as affected as others, but many students like me have their first class of the day in the C Building, the complete opposite side of the school.

    You can argue that the Robinwood Avenue entrance is suitable to students starting their day in the C Building, but you also would need to possibly go out of your way doing that too, as it’s not a thru street.

    “Honestly it’s nothing more than a pretty big inconvenience,” said Ava Wahl, “It doesn’t really benefit anybody.”

    A lot of people, myself included, use the northern section of Robinwood as part of their daily commute. It was extremely common for students to get dropped off before even pulling into the driveway. Now that we’re forced to walk all the way to the east side of the building, there’s hardly anybody that decides to get out and walk, as it’s easier to just wait in your car.

    This puts more cars in the driveway than before. Has this not been thought of or noticed by anybody in charge of this decision?

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