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    Ohio to Defund Planned Parenthood


    A few weeks back in early March, the federal appeals court allowed a Ohio Law that desired to defund Planned Parenthood. The 6th circuit court of appeals located in Cincinnati decided in an 11-6 vote that reversed a 2016 law, making public payments to Planned Parenthood. “unconstitutional”.

    For those not familiar with Planned Parenthood, it is a non-profit organization founded in 1916 that provides health care, education, and information to everyone, but especially low-income men, women, and. children. there. are countless services such as cancer screenings, STI testing, educational services, information on birth control contraceptives, free condoms, and so much more.

    Those who are against Planned Parenthood, like Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton, claim that abortions are wrong or unconstitutional. Sutton wrote for the majority that saying that the Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio “do not have a due process right to perform abortions,” according to

    But, the funny part about that statement is, public funding is not able to go towards the abortion procedures, and actually does not affect the abortion process at all. The defunding of Planned Parenthood actually takes away title X funding that makes it possible to provide the many services listed above, which are extremely expensive and non-affordable for most people at full price. So, title. x makes up for that money that patients can not afford which is how services are offered at reduced prices or free.

    Izzie Bryson, employee and advocate for Planned Parenthood expressed her concern by saying, “When people say defund it does not mean the clinics will shut down, [it instead] means that Planned Parenthood will not be able to provide those life saving services affordably.”

    Those who are so strongly against Planned Parenthood because of abortions claim they are “Pro-life”, when in reality if you are truly pro-life then you would support the funding of a health care provider that helps people of all socioeconomic levels and literally saves lives daily.  However, they are more focused on other topics, which allows ignorance to continue growing.


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