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    New Policy at LHS


    Every day is a new day here at Lakewood High School; with a new comes a new policy. LHS has implemented a new way to enter the building as you are arriving at school each morning— which has some students in an uproar.

    Starting after the students came back from spring break, March 25th, the administration has decided to move the entrance from the front doors to door 32, which is located next to the book room. Previously, students only needed to go there in order to receive a temporary identification card; but now everyone has to go there.

    This new policy was implemented due to the backups that supposedly are occurring in the drop-off line (so we think). The principals want students who are getting dropped off to pull all the way through in order to prevent a delay in arriving.

    This new rule has some students furious. Door 32 is located on the opposite end of where most classes at LHS take place, which means students need to travel to the other end of the building to get to class.

    Max Lewellyn, a senior at LHS, stated, “It does not seem to be a problem for me, but I can see where it would be an issue for others as it would affect the time it takes to get to class.” Will Adams, who is also a senior, agrees with Max on the idea of the new entrance.

    Overall, this is just an adjustment that students are going to need to get used to.

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