Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana?

Katie Booth

Many people took a trip down memory lane on Thursday when Miley Cyrus posted a series of photos and videos on her social media with her new “old” look. She was showing off her new long blonde hair and bangs and singing along to some old Hannah Montana songs including “Best Of Both Worlds” and Nobody’s Perfect.” She also sang along to the song “Hannah Montana” by the Migos.

She had a comment for all the people in the comments saying she was wearing a wig. “No! All me,” she wrote along with “Who’s wigless and shook? YOU!”She also shared footage of her highlights and also shut down all the claims about her wearing extensions.

She’s been number one trending on Twitter since the posts. With over 71.1K tweets of Hannah Montana fans reminiscing and hoping for a comeback.

“You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided to just be Hannah forever, she was getting a lot of press this week—thanks to me,” Cyrus says.

She also posted a side by side photo of herself now to a photo of her from her Hannah Montana days. “I WIN! #10yearchallenge,” she writes.

Though, she’s not the same as she was in the early 2000s while on Disney Channel. “Hannah is punk now” was the caption to the photo Miley posted with her blonde hair while wearing a black t-shirt.

Lakewood student Angie Amato says ‘Hannah Montana being back is really exciting. It makes me feel very nostalgic. It’s really cool to see the Jonas Brothers back too.”

With all the different looks and styles Miley has gone through over the years, the Hannah Montana throwback was definitely the fan favorite.