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    How Music Makes the World Go ‘Round.


    Everyone in this world listens to music. That is how we all bond together. Someone you may not even know likes and has the same music taste as you. You can end up being someone’s new best friend by learning what their music taste is like. You can learn more about yourself and others by someone’s music taste.

    Music is an amazing thing. We love to receive new music and share new music with friends or anyone that you meet. You can always meet new friends when going to a concert. Concerts are amazing places. You can enjoy the music you love with people you enjoy live and up close. Witnessing one of your favorite artists right in front of you is an amazing experience.

    At concerts, you can meet new people who also love the same person you do. You already have something in common with them, imagine how much more you have in common with them. Next thing you know you can become best friends with that person and share the love of that artist and maybe even other artists you like in common.

    Music has brought a lot of people together and continue to because of its amazing sound and uniqueness. “Music has helped me meet new people and experience amazing things and I just love it so much,” said junior Cassidy Baldridge.

    Music really makes the world go ’round whether you like it or not. It will always be here making people feel all types of emotions.

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