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    Indian’s Home Opener


    Go Tribe! April 1st was a big day for Cleveland fans. It was the 119th home opener for the Cleveland Indians.

    The Tribe is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they were known as the Grand Rapid Rustlers. In the year 1900 the team moved to Cleveland, changing their name to the Cleveland Lake Shores. 

    Out of all of the Indian’s home openers, they have won 61 games out of the 119.

    A local Lakewood High School student who went to the home opener, Claire Herrington said, “The game was great, being able to be a part of a city that loves their team is amazing. I love Cleveland.”

    The Indians are 2-4 against the Chicago White Sox.

    Our Cleveland Indian’s played the Chicago White Sox defeating them. The game was going at a slow pace, we had one run to keep us in the lead, then the White Sox gained 3 runs and the game became intense.

    In the bottom of the eighth our Tribe came back with a bang, gaining four runs. We were back in the lead.

    The team members that scored are Leonys Martin, Jose Ramirez, Jake Bauers, Carlos Santana, and Hanley Ramirez. Each of them had one run.

    Also, this year is the 25th anniversary of Progressive Field. The previous team owner Richard Jacobs sold the field in 1994. The ball park has been alive for 27 years. The park began its construction in 1992.

    The Cleveland Indians are known to have the second-longest MLB unbeaten streak by games.

    Their head coach/manager, Terrence Jon Francona, also known as “Tito,” has also been the head coach for the Boston Red Sox, and has led our Cleveland Indians to two victories in the World Series Championship.


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