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    Why Spotify is Better than Apple Music


    The war between the two most popular music streaming apps has been going on for a few years now, Spotify vs. Apple Music. The two music platforms have millions and millions of listeners. Each streaming app has a hardcore following of supporters. The apps are overall pretty similar but have small differences that can change someone’s opinion on the app.

    I personally use Spotify Premium and I would not want it any other way. I have been using Spotify for four years and I personally feel that the app does a great job at providing lots of different artists and songs for me to listen to. Spotify creates weekly and daily playlists based off of the artists you listen to and the style you enjoy.

    I think Spotify does an amazing job at taking what I listen to and creating a playlist full of new artists I would have never found by myself. Spotify’s product manager Matthew Ogle says “On one side, we’ve built a model of all the music we know about, that is powered by all the curatorial actions of people on Spotify adding to playlists. On the other side, we have our impression of what your music taste is.

    Every Monday morning, we take these two things, do a little magic filtering, and try to find things that other users have been playlisting around the music you’ve been jamming on, but that we think are either brand new to you or relatively new.”

    Senior Zearatus Perry said “I love Spotify. It is easy to use, it makes you personalized playlists, and it is not Apple-specific so it is accessible to every listener.” Thanks to Spotify I have been able to discover and support so many different artists that I have never heard of before Spotify showed me them.

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