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    Christina Westlake

    Christina Westlake

    Spring track and field started up not too long ago. The meets not only support the athletes participating, but are also very entertaining to watch. There are all different kinds of events that take place, from throwing to running. Christina Westlake is a part of the girls’ outdoor spring track and field team.

    Q: Why did you choose track and field?

    A: I chose to run track because I had never tried it before. Everyone always told me I had long legs and had the potential to run fast, so I tried it!

    Q: How long have you participated in the sport?

    A: I have been a part of the track team for three years.

    Q: What is your favorite part of track and field?

    A: My favorite part of being on the team is getting to run with my friends everyday. It’s a fun way to stay active and stay motivated to do things.

    Q: What is your favorite part of the meets?

    A: My favorite part of meets is competing to get a new personal record. Every meet is a new chance to get better and show off my progress.

    Q: What are your plans after high school? Do you plan on pursuing track and field after?

    A: I definitely do see myself running after high school. Maybe not so much being on a team, but just staying active and participating in different city races.

    Q: Is there a number that you’re the most proud of, like a personal record of some sort?

    A: I am very proud of my hurdle PR’s. I have come so far starting as a freshman to now, my times and form have only gotten better. I may not be the fastest hurdler on the team, but as long as I am having fun and getting better that’s all that matters.

    Q: Do races get hard at some point? How do you keep yourself motivated?

    A: Races definitely do get hard, having the wrong mindset can affect your whole race. The way I stay motivated is to just look forward. Don’t over think what the outcome could be and just put in all the effort you have. You only get out as much as you put in. Mindset is key, stay positive.

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