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    Ban on Fortnite


    Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in July of 2017. Fornite is the most played video game with 250 million players playing worldwide and with a player average of 6-10 hours a week played.

    Fortnite is a 100 player battle royale game with all 100 players fight to be the last one standing as the map shrinks in on them.

    There are few different modes in this game one of them being duos where it is you and a friend who fight to be the last two standing and there is also a squad mode where you and three of your friends fight the other 24 squads to be the last squad standing.

    Some parents are saying that this is a very addictive game with that their kids are playing way too much and not going outside and interacting with other kids their age. But I disagree with this.

    I believe that Fortnite is a great way for kids and adults to relieve stress with it’s very competitive and fun nature. There are many things that stress people out like school, homework, work, etc.. but it’s nice to come home from a long day and play some video games.

    I do believe that some people are addicted like people who spend all day sitting in front of a tv or computer and just playing but I believe that this is only a select few who do this.

    Prince Harry of Wales recently said at a speech for a YMCA “The game shouldn’t be allowed, where is its benefit of having it in your household.”  He believes that there should be a ban on the game.

    I think there are many benefits to having Fortnite in your household one of them being inclusion and community. With very competitive aspects, it helps kids make good relationships with peers since they are interacting in highly tense moments with one another.

    I think that the benefits are way better than the negatives so I don’t think there is no reason to ban or remove Fornite out of your household.

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