Justin Bieber Talks About Album

Justin Bieber Talks About Album

Cassidy Baldridge

Justin Bieber addressed on March 25 why he has not made any new music. As we all know he has recently been focused on settling in with his newly wed Hailey Bieber (Baldwin). It is understanable that we could assume he just does not have the time to create new and beautiful music. He made it clear this is not the reason.

We all know that a couple of years ago the Justin Bieber we knew was not such a great person. In fact he was known as the bad boy and it was rare to find anyone that actually liked him for him and not his looks. There was a reason behind all of this, all of his actions. He was unhappy and depressed just as he was or still is now. Hence why we have not gotten an album or any new music.

He grew up in the spotlight having his childhood and privacy taken away from him, being under so much pressure and having a career at only 15. And not only that, but getting hate for doing something that everyone does, but the only difference is no one cares if we do it.

He stated that when he is healthy and happy then we will get new music, but until then he needs to focus on being happy. Along with bettering himself, he stated how he needs to focus on making his wife happy and to become well enough to someday be a father. When he is content with him self he will be back on top, but this may take lots of time.

Tara Kantura said, “I can’t wait until he goes on tour again!”