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    New Exhibit at Cleveland Muesem


    This past Fall at the Cleveland Art Museum, they showed the exhibit Infinity Mirrors, by Yayoi Kusama. Ever since the unique, mesmerizing, and breathtaking exhibit left, those in the Cleveland area have been anticipating what comes next.

    Beginning April 9th, Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art, will be shown at the Cleveland Museum of Art until June 30th. it will be shown in two rotations options with a total of 125 pieces.

    But what exactly is the exhibition?

    The worshiping of deities called “kami” is one of the main features of Japanese culture and has also served as a big inspiration for much of Japanese visual art. Most recently, kami worship has “fallen under the auspices of a diverse body of rites known as Shinto.” This exhibition introduces works exemplifying kami worship from the Heian period (794–1185) through the Edo period (1615–1868).

    According to the Cleveland Museum of Art, “The exhibition and its accompanying catalog take a thematic approach to understand the artworks created to celebrate the world of kami. From costumes worn in dances and theatrical performances at shrines to paintings of medieval pilgrimage routes and images of kami and Buddhist deities, the exhibition is an expression of the everyday engagement of people with divinities in their midst.”

    Lakewood resident and Cleveland Art Muesem member, Bette Boeff, claims that she is, “excited and can not wait to go see whats new at the art muesem.”

    The exhibitions offer a wide varity of cultures and ideas that educate and impress those of all backgrounds. Whether you are an art enthusiest or go to muesem on a rainy day, you will be able to apprecaite this new exhbit and the many others.




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