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    Travel Club- Ireland


    Lakewood high students have a great club to join called, travel club. This year, 2019, they went on a trip to Ireland. Thanks to two Lakewood high teachers, Miss.Breckel and Mr.Heslip. This club has been around for about three years now, any student is able to join. You’ll get to travel with a more reasonable expense and get to go with friends. I asked a student, Molly Roche, a senior at Lakewood high,  a few questions about her trip to Ireland.

    Q: How was the trip?

    A: “The trip was amazing, Alison and Matt (Miss.Breckel and Mr.Heslip) did a really good job of time management and we always had time to ourselves to explore.”

    Q: What was your favorite thing you did?

    A: ” My favorite part of the trip was going to a sheep farm and holding a baby sheep, it was so adorable.”

    Q: Is this your first times there?

    A: ” This was my first trip to Ireland and my first time out of the country.”

    Q: How long have you been in travel club?

    A: ” This was my first year being in travel club.”

    Q: Would you recommend the travel club to another student?

    A: ” I would highly recommend it to another student. They find a way to make the trips affordable for everyone and it’s a great experience to have. ”

    Q: What’s your favorite thing about the travel club?

    A: ” I think my favorite thing about the travel club itself is that Alison and Matt started it so kids could have these opportunities and they are so passionate about their students getting to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.”


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