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    Tornado Warnings In Northeast Ohio


    On April 14th, 2019 Northeast Ohio had severe storms.  The winds were very bad and out of control to the point that there was a tornado.

    In Richland County, the National Weather Service said a tornado touched down in Shelby.  This terrible storm called the tornado had destroyed more than a few trees.  The tornado had destroyed many homes and businesses including a car dealership.

    The storm that took place in Richland County, Ohio. It not only destroyed houses but other buildings too.  This dangerous storm came at the citizens of Baker Mayfield and it did not turn out good at all.  Around six people were taken to their local hospital due to major injuries from the storm and it was very tragic.  Many families were given quite a scare from the damage this storm has done.  The people in Richland County are not used to major storms like these may be a big rain but never a tornado.  it is very good that this storm did not happen during school hours.

    The storm and tornado experts are trying to determine what level of the storm it was and what level of a tornado it was.  Many of the weatherman experts are focusing on why this devil storm came so suddenly and so quickly.  One of the reasons why it happened is because of the very warm weather coming so quickly up against the cold front from the previous winter.

    Even though this tornado happened a little aways from places like Lakewood.  The mayor and the people of Lakewood were not taking any chances and they set off the tornado warnings just for everyone’s safety.

    “I was scared to death, I was convinced that I would be sucked into the sky with my house and never come back.”-Charles Hericks


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