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    Magic Johnson Leaves the Lakers


    Erwin “Magic” Johnson started playing in the NBA in 1979. His rookie season was with the Los Angeles Lakers and continued to play with the Lakers as their Point Guard for 13 seasons. Magic retired in 1996 but continued to work with the Lakers.

    While Johnson played with the Lakers he received 5 world titles, and after he retired he continued to work with the lakers as The team’s president of Basketball Operations. Until last Tuesday, he quit as the president of basketball operations.

    The night before Johnson quit he released that he was going to have to fire someone he didn’t want to, so he quit the team, and later the coach who Johnson was going to fire parted ways with the Lakers as well. Leaving the Lakers “unstable”

    When Johnson resigned he said “What I didn’t like was the backstabbing and all the whispering, I didn’t like that. I didn’t like a lot of things that went on that didn’t have to go on.”

    With Lebron joining the Lakers last summer, it was supposed to be a step in the right direction, but with Johnson and Luke Walton both leaving Lakers just as playoffs are going to start, the Lakers are worried about their future as a team. “They are now a team with no identity and seemingly no direction”

    Senior Molly Roche said, “I was hurt when Lebron left for the Lakers, and now hearing that the coaches are quitting leaving the Lakers, the team is going under and fast, almost like the Titanic.”

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