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    Global Warming Effects


    Air Quality – Air quality can impact climate change and , conversely, climate change can impact air quality. Climate change has impacted more wildfires in the past year then it ever has before.

    Wildfire smoke has killed hundreds of people , animals , destroyed houses, and has left millions of worth of damage behind. wildfire smoke carries particles that can penetrate deep into your lungs and can leave you with serous damage.

    Extreme weather – Climate change has been linked to many types of extreme weather, including prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures , heavy rain pours , and in some regions , several floods and droughts.

    Heat waves have been increasing in recent years. Heat waves are periods of abnormally hot weather lasting days to weeks. An unrelenting heat wave has left six dead, strained the states power grid and left thousands without electricity in California.

    It has caused Hurricane Irma , which killed 27 people in the northern Caribbean. Climate change has also caused Hurricane Harvey , which has killed 70 people and left damages estimated to worth around $150-200 billion.

    Vector borne diseases – Vector borne diseases are illnesses spread by insects or arachnids like fleas , ticks , mites and mosquitoes.

    Changes in temperatures and humidity can effect where vectors proliferate which can effect the life-cycles of the pathogens they carry.

    Some vector born infectious diseases are Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever and the Plague. The most common vector borne disease in the world would be the Malaria disease , which kills around 1.2 million people annually.

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