Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Maddy McFarlin

Our whole lives are revolved around technology nowadays. Everything runs off it. Everything is taken over by it. Everything relies on it. Ever since all of this new technology has been coming out it seems as if teens and other people are just so focused on it.

All anyone cares about is social media anymore. They want to make sure they have the most followers and likes so they post things to please other people. They end up not posting or sharing what they want to so they just end up like everyone else…a people pleaser.

While being a people pleaser slowly takes away your own creativity as a human being, you are stripped from your own imagination and self-consciousness. You are your own human being and you can not let anyone or anything change that, especially not social media/technology.

We run to technology to entertain us or help us. We do this too often. Half of us do not even realize how to do anything ourselves, which is not the way it should be. We should be able to figure it out and then if we really are stuck, we can then run to our good ol’ technology.

As much as we are on the internet for it slowly makes you boring. Nowadays so many kids can not have one on one conversations with someone because being on their phone so much has made them rely on that and rely on their phone to keep a solid conversation.

“Watching all of these kids grow up on all of their technology is very sad, realizing that they are just losing all of the creativity they used to have is just heartbreaking,” said junior Aziza Mohammed.

Kids need to explore the world they have in front of them and not the screen they have in front of them.