Sean Teets

On May 28th, 2016, Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio made a detrimental mistake. A three-year-old had fallen into the Gorilla exhibit. In fear of the child’s life, the workers at the Cincinnati zoo took the most intense precaution, killing the Gorilla.

This was taken too far because previous to the fatal shot that had killed the Gorilla, Harambe hadn’t harmed the child but ended up helping him out of the water, picking him up, and standing him up in order for him to be safe.  While the Zoo had taken the most severe precaution, in death,  they have said that tranquilizers were not a viable option.

Seeing as though the tranquilizers were not available to stop Harambe from “harming” the child, they had decided to murder the ape in cold blood. Harambe was seen not protecting the kid but was using him to intimidate the people watching the situation go down. Harambe is considered, in some religions, as a god-like figure. He is worshipped around the world and state of Ohio, more of a symbol of peace.


The effect Harambe had on us not only was immensely spiritual but also violently showed what the MAN can do to you if you disobey. Harambe stood up for what was right and was gunned down in front of a crowd to show the common people what COULD happen if you were to go against the norms of society. Living in a world where this is accepted and tolerated is a poor look upon the officials of today and said officials should be prosecuted and brought to justice.