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    Chocolate Dragon Eggs for Sale


    Lakewood’s confectionary shop, Fear’s Confections, is known for all of their geeky and delicious items. Located at 15208 Madison Avenue, it’s placed in the heart of Lakewood’s small business area.

    This month, they feature their now famous Game of Thrones chocolate dragon eggs. These dragon eggs are hand-made and come complete with a baby dragon figure inside.

    Cassandra Fear, the shop’s owner, says that orders for the eggs have been flying out the door. For just twelve dollars, who wouldn’t want one of these unique pieces of chocolate? In fact, in just 48 hours, they managed to take orders for almost 100 dragon eggs, reaching all over the United States and even Canada.

    “Unlike a lot of other chocolate shops that I’ve seen all over the world that are just doing them for a week or two, we’ve been doing them for about a year or so and don’t intend to stop,” Fear said in an interview.

    Along with the dragon eggs, they also make and sell Game of Thrones dire wolf shaped chocolates. All of which are available all year long.

    According to Fear, she is able to make eight chocolate eggs at a time, with it taking about three hours to make 16 eggs.

    “I think that it’s really cool that she can do this all year round,” said Jerry Winch, “A lot of other businesses take advantage of special events and sell them for only a week or so.”

    The eggs come in three different colors: green, red, and yellow. Each of them contain their own dragon. Head on over to Fear’s Confections and support this amazing small business.

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