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    James Toole


    Freshman, James Toole, is an up-and-coming athlete at Lakewood High School. James participates in Track and Field, running distance events and pole vault. He also runs Cross Country also participates in Diving and Swimming. I have asked James some questions mostly revolving around running and what he does outside of sport.

    Q: How long have you been running before your freshman year?

    A: “I have been running for about six years before this year because I love running.”

    Q: What is your favorite part about being on the team?

    A: “My favorite part about being on the team is that we are like family and we all like to run and be competitive.”

    Q: Why do you run?

    A: “I like to run because it makes me fit and I am good at it.”

    Q: Since you run distance, what is your fastest recorded 2 mile?

    A: “My fastest two-mile time is 11:18 and I wish to improve that.”

    Q: Since you do Pole Vault, what is your highest jump?

    A: “My highest jump is 9 feet but this is my first-year pole-vaulting I really want to improve in this sport.”

    Q: Do you plan on running for a college or after high school competitively?

    A: “Yes, I do because I like the sport a lot but in order to do this I will have to work really hard.”

    Q: What do you do outside of school and sports?

    A: “I like to hang out with my friends and family and I really like to go fishing on the weekends.”

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