Are dogs better friends than cats?

Are dogs better friends than cats?

Jacob Goings

There has been a common discussion for a while now about which are better pets; cats or dogs?

While it is not known which pet is better and if you want a more accurate answer, you would have to go off of your own personal opinion. This is because the most accurate answer differs between people.

In this article, I will state my opinion of which are better pets; cats or dogs?

In the article by Jessica Bolluyt called The Best Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs, Jessica Bolluyt states that cats are more superior. She says this because cats cost less, cats live longer, they are more agile, and cats do not smell as bad.

Jessica Bolluyt also said that cats do not have to be walked, they are better with people, they are quieter, they keep themselves clean, and most importantly, cats love humans more than dogs do.

In the article by Victoria Cheung called 13 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, the author says that dogs are better.

Some reasons the author says this is because dogs respond when you call their name, they are always happy to see you, dogs will try to protect you, and dogs try to keep you active and fit. “Dogs are better because they are more playful,” says freshman Amanda Chanter.

With all of this evidence, I believe that cats are better. I believe this because there is more evidence proved for cats to be better than dogs. Also, I believe dogs are better for children and cats are better for adults.