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    New Powerbeats Pro


    Apple has just announced their newest version of Beats by Dre headphones, Powerbeats Pro. As of April 15th, Dr. Dre released the teaser trailer featuring several sports celebrities and artists wearing the newest set of ear buds.

    The ear buds connect to any device via bluetooth. With the new technology, there are fewer dropouts and stronger range.

    The starting price for a pair of Powerbeats Pro is 249.95 dollars. Is it worth it? That all depends if you like the product, and if the products is good for you.

    Powerbeats Pro are originally meant to be used during workouts or sports, just physical activity in general. The ear bud is designed with adjustable ear hooks to fit comfortably to your ear.

    The headphones have amazing battery life, up to 9 hours. In fact, the Beats include a chargeable case for on the go charging, when purchased. Five minutes of charging time is equivalent to 1.5 hours of listening time.

    The ear buds are designed with voice activation to change songs, take calls, or to send a text message. A local Lakewood High School student, Bryce Mitchell says, “I really enjoy the new technology and the way the ear buds are designed. I think, when they are released, I will probably like them better than Airpods.”

    At the top of the right ear bud there is volume control. On the inside of both, the right and left, there are sensors that are activated when you take an ear bud out, causing the music to pause. You can also decline a  phone call by holding down the “b” button.

    The Powerbeats are also designed to be  sweat-proof and water-resistant. The new ear buds come in four different colors, ivory, black, moss and navy. In the package, there are four sets of ear tips, each set being a different size, to find the best fit.

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