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    Notre Dame Cathedral, and why I do not care


    Yesterday was when this small “tragedy”  happened that consisted of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in France caught fire and burned a good portion of the place. First of all, More than 80 percent of the people I know have never been/or will never go to this place. Who cares about this place other than Historians, the French people, and the hunchback that lives there.

    The main art inside was even taken out of the place because of the Cathedral is under construction.  When I went around the school asking about this fire and people’s opinion about it, they all seemed very sad like as if their Grandma died. Who cares about this Cathedral, no one mentioned this place until it burned down. I get it, it’s from the 1200s it sucks, move on.

    There is no reason for my feed to be blown up (kind of like the cathedral) about this place. What I suggest we focus on more instead is the fact that The Los Angels Clippers came back from a 31 point deficit in the third quarter and ended up beating the Golden State Warriors 135-131. The largest come back in NBA playoff history!

    If I had the budget, I could build a cathedral 100 times better and more beautiful than the Notre Dame. Maybe in a few hundred years my cathedral will nonsensically be celebrated such as the Notre Dame was. I feel as if we should forget the past and focus on the future such as, global warming, starvation, poverty, etc.


    DISCLAIMER: This article is totally the opinion of the author Chris Thelen. It does in no way reflect the opinion of the Lakewood Times or Lakewood City Schools.  Even after a discussion about the offensive nature of this piece, Chris still chose to use his First Amendent right of Freedom of Speech. Please direct any comments or concern directly to  Chris at [email protected].

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