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    The Significance of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’s Relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


    Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are two heroes that are considered part of the “Big 3” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with Thor. However, their relationship to each other plays a big part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than you think it does.

    Upon the release of “Captain America: Civil War” in 2016, the importance of the relationship between Iron Man and Captain America was realized by the time the film ended when Steve walked away from Tony. The two heroes have been on screen together since 2012’s The Avengers and people have come to love the pair, even an entire ship name was created for the pair, “Stony”.

    Even some of the actors in the MCU have agreed on how important the relationship between Tony and Steve is to the overall playing out of the Marvel Universe like Captain America actor Chris Evans and Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. When talking about why Captain America’s hair and beard grew during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Evans said, “In a lot of ways, Steve and Tony rely on each other: We’re two sides of the same coin, fighting for the same thing, just with very different approaches, but neither one of us are complete. In a way, we need the other person. Reconciliation is necessary but probably not easy to come by.”

    Recently, during the Avengers: Endgame press tour, Robert Downey Jr. said that Tony’s biggest story arc is with Steve, which proves more of how important the relationship between Tony and Steve is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    When senior Aurora Piotrowski was asked what she thinks of the relationship between the two, she said, “They’re best friends, almost family, and just like every family, they fight and make up again. They and their relationship is extremely important to the MCU because they are both natural-born leaders and fight hard for causes they believe.”

    2018 LHS graduate Nakia Thomas said of their relationship, “They are a great couple lol.”

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