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    Isaac Ferrato

    Isaac Ferrato

    Isaac Ferrato is a junior at Lakewood High School. He enjoys playing guitar and listening to music in his free time. Music is an important role in his life. He also enjoys his creative writing class. One of his projects has been published to the Lakewood Times website, and can be found under the “Creative Corner” section.

    Q: What has been your favorite part of high school so far?

    A: My Favorite part is how many students go to this school and yet we stay organized.

    Q: What has been your least favorite part of high school so far?

    A: My least favorite part has been the focus on IDs.

    Q: Do you have any plans for life after high school? Do you plan on going to college, going to work, going into the military, or do you plan to take a year off?

    A: I plan to take a year off then go into trade school.

    Q: What kind of trade school are you looking into?

    A: I’ve been thinking about woodworking schools. You can get pretty cool and unique jobs doing things like that.

    Q: What kind of careers have you looked into? Have any careers you have looked at seem like something you can see yourself doing in the future?

    A: Music and law have both interested me, but more realistically, I want to learn how to become a luthier.

    Q: What’s a luthier?

    A: It’s somebody that makes string instruments like violins or guitars.

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