Yousef Awad

Yousef Awad

Laila Awad

Yousef Awad is a junior at Lakewood City Academy. He still plays two sports for Lakewood High School. Yousef is on the  football and wrestling team for Lakewood. He has a great passion for both sports.

Q: Why do you wrestling and play football?

A: Both of these sports ran through the family for years. I really enjoy playing and learning new experiences along the way. This is something I have grown up doing. I played Football for 6 years and have wrestled for 9 years.

Q:  Which do you like better or think your better at?

A: If I had to choose one it would be football, because I enjoy it more. I feel like I have more freedom and it really hypes me up. I will always have a passion for wrestling especially because I been doing it for so long.

Q: Games or events that you are proud of?

A:  During one of my football games, against Olmsted Falls was the game where I had the most tackles. During wrestling season I worked really hard to make it too states, and I did. Unfortunately I did not place in states. The experience of making it there and going there was the highlight of my season. I got to watch a lot of amazing wrestling wrestlers who also made it. I learned a lot during that moment.

Q: Any other Athletes you look up too?

A:  I look up to Aaron Donland for football. He really motivates me to be the best during my football season. My uncles wrestled and played football for Lakewood.  They played around my age and were very good at it. Always Giving me good advice. I also look up to myself because I am an athlete and I always want to do my best no matter what the outcome it.