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    13 people shot dead at a party in Mexico


    13 people dead after a shooting at a family party in Mexico.  After the shooting was over it was confirmed that one of the people killed was a child as well as four other people injured.   The shooting occurred in the city of Minatitlan in the gulf state of Veracruz.

    The gunmen were looking for a man named ¨El Belky.”  El Belky was said to be the owner of a bay in that area.  ¨ I wonder why the shooters were looking for El Blinky in the first place and why did they decide to shoot up a family party?¨  says Dylan Ferry

    The motive for the shooting is not know yet, but further investigation is happening.  Seven men, six women, and a child died during the shooting. ” It is scary to think that a child was killed while trying to just have a fun time while at a family party.”  Evan Brown States.

    The whole country has sent a huge search out for the gunmen.  ¨Federal and state forces have deployed a strong search and capture operation of those responsible for the events¨  Gutiérrez Malando, one of the higher members of the secret service.

    The mass shooting took place just a couple of days before the president of Mexico was scheduled to travel to the city of the shooting for an office meeting.  The president decided to increase the amount of security.

    An emergency meeting was held between most of Mexico representatives to discuss how the city has reacted to the shooting.  The president of Mexico said that the shooting was a “tragedy that tears the souls”.


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