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    Jeopardy vs Sports

    Jeopardy vs Sports

    James Holzhauer lives in Las Vegas, Nevada but is originally from Naperville, Illinois. Holzhauer is an American professional sports gambler. A professional gambler is someone who makes all their money off of gambling big bucks at the casino table. They have to make the big bets and the right ones too.

    James Holzhauer is 35 years old and is married to his loving wife Melissa Holzhauer.

    Not only is he a professional sports gambler but he is also known for being a contestant on a game show. That game show is called Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a dominant single-day performance to test your brain strategies and how good you are at wagering.

    James graduated from the University of Illinois in 2005 and had a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. That degree definitely helps when he has to manage his money but he does also have to get the answers right.

    This was not his first game show he has ever been on. James was also on The Chase in September of 2014 and he has also been on 500 Question in May of 2015, so he seems a little experienced.

    It wasn’t even James’s fifth game that he appeared on Jeopardy and he was winning records of $110,914. James also beat his own record and received $ 131,127 on April 17 of 2019.

    James Holzhauer now holds the top five single-day record winnings which are, $131,127 (April 17), $118,816 (April 23), $110,914 (April 9), $106,181 (April 16) and $90,812 (April 22).

    James has been on a total of 14 episodes and had won a total amount of $1,061,554. He is now in second highest winning contestant for winning on regular-day games, right behind Ken Jennings.

    James Holzhauer not only holds that records but he holds two more records. The first records is the most money bid on a Daily Double, which was $25,000, when the prior records was $19,000. The second records was the largest Final Jeopardy wager which was previously $34,000 but was out bid by James and his final wager was $60,013.

    ” If I were to try and play in one of these jeopardy games, I would be broke by the third question. It’s crazy how young James Holzhauer is and how intelligent and smart with his money he is.” This was a quote said by a student of Lakewood High, Jordhan Kieres.




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