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    Lewis Fetting

    Lewis Fetting

    Freshman Lewis Fetting is an exceptional student. Most of his classes are advanced. As a freshman, his most advanced class is Advanced Algebra 2. He also plays on the freshman baseball team.  The questions I have asked Lewis are mostly about his baseball and academic career.

    Q: What is your favorite position on the baseball field?

    A: My favorite position is second base.

    Q: How do you manage all of your advanced classes?

    A: I just do the homework and study for the tests. I don’t do much else.

    Q: Do you believe that you will continue playing baseball after your high school career?

    A: I would like to continue to play baseball after my high school career. If I start practicing more (get stronger, faster, etc.).

    Q: Do you enjoy the team that you are on?

    A: I enjoy the team I am on (minus the short jokes). I especially enjoy away games when we take the bus.

    Q:  What do you enjoy to do in your free time?

    A: I practice my baseball skills when I am not in school or at baseball. I also enjoy playing video games. Some of the things I like to practice are my pitching skills.

    Q: How were you able to skip the 7th grade?

    A: I was in a gifted school, and the curriculum I learned from my old school was the seventh-grade material at Harding Middle School (HMS). The principal suggested I skip the 7th grade, and I was fine with that.

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