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    Long Term Effects of Growing up in a Technological Century


    Nowadays all we see is technology this and technology that. The generation always has to do everything on the internet. that is all they focus on.

    No one knows how to do anything on their own. They rely on their phone or the internet to do or figure something out for them. If their phone dies the world is going to end.

    When someone does not have their phone they do not know what to do or how to act. They start to freak out and really they do think the world is going to end. They do not know how to live on earth without their phone.

    Nowadays the mental health has plummeted because of how people are attached to their phones. They look at people on social media and expect that they should look like that and do what they do they do not know how to be their own person in the world.

    Technology truly does help us with many things but we have let it take over our lives too much. We rely on it more than we should. We need to learn to do things ourselves and not just go run to your phone and look it up.

    Let the technology do its job of just giving a hand. Do not let it take over your whole entire life. The generation nowadays doesn’t realize this. “I wish more people realized how bad technology takes over our lives now and how we need to take them back over,” said Aziza Mohammed. We can let technology be our sidekick, not our superhero.


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