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    Bombing that Led To Mass Execution


    The past weekend was Easter weekend. Easter weekend is very important to many people, celebrating how the Lord has risen. While people around the world were celebrating and being with family, not everyone in Sri Lanka had that opportunity. Over 300 people ended up dying due to a bombing on Easter.


    On Easter Sunday, bombings which were claimed by Isis had taken place. One of the suicide bombers that was identified had been arrested and later released by police. This information helped figure out who else had been involved in this attack. After this event, it had set off other attacks as well.


    After the bombings, there were four Islamic State gunmen that had died while they had tried to attack a Saudi security building. After these two attacks, authorities had decided to conduct a large mass execution.


    This was one of the largest mass executions in a single day in this country since 2016. A total of 37 citizens across the country have been accused for terrorism-related crimes. Along with these 37 beheaded citizens, there have been more than 70 suspects that have been taken into custody in a range of terrorism related topics.


    On Tuesday, April 23, these citizens were beheaded all for the alleged terrorism-related crimes. Due to the beheadings, Ava Batrawy stated in her Times article saying, “The executions were likely to stroke further regional and sectarian tensions between rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.”


    The Sri Lanka bombing and the death of over 300 people has led to Saudi Arabia taking action. Taking action by executing all the alleged terrorism citizens in the country.


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