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    Dominic Plzak

    Dominic Plzak

    The week, we have junior Dominic Plzak. He’s quite the unique student and has already made his mark at LHS, even if he’s only in his junior year.

    So I talked with him and asked him some questions.

    “What do you like about LHS in the time you’ve been here?”

    “What I like about LHS is that I had experience with foods with Miss Manning first semester of my freshman year of high school and another thing that I like about LHS is that last year when I was a sophomore in high school I got to play tennis for Lakewood High School it was so amazing I got to meet new friends on the team and everything I mean tennis was just so much fun and this year as a junior the first semester this year as a junior I took government with Mr. Thome which he is a very nice guy and he’s not just a government teacher he’s also a football coach. And that’s what I like about LHS there’s a lot of new friends to meet it’s just so amazing, And there was a lot of different people that I never met before and some that I did which was amazing.”

    “What is your favorite subject?”

    “My favorite subject is Art because I really like to draw paint and sculpt too bad I’m not really taking any Art classes this year hopefully I’m in Ceramics next year I didn’t like Art 1 my freshman year of high school and they took Art 2 last year when I was a sophomore but so far my favorite subject has been English because it got me interested in reading Between Shades of Gray.”

    Dominic is known for being a cheerleader, which is uncommon here at Lakewood High for a guy, so I talked to him about that.

    “When did you start doing cheer-leading?”

    “I have been in the Sparkle Squad cheer-leading since I was in 8th grade”

    “What made you want to do cheer-leading?”

    “Since the summer of my 8th grade year because I just thought about joining the cheer-leading squad since the cheer-leading coach and my old teacher from Garfield Miss Doer from the Bridges unit and I thought I was going to try cheer-leading for experience but since I really liked doing cheer-leading so much I thought I would do it until I actually graduate high school.”

    “How does it feel to be the only guy on the cheer-leading squad?”

    “Well I really did miss Garrett Bodnar when he graduated high school because he was my Sparkle buddy for cheer leading my 8th grade year and my freshman year and that was it and then it actually really felt good only being the only boy but I actually heard that there are two boys from Garfield Middle School who actually want to be in the sparkle Squad one boy is an 8th grader and he’ll be a freshman next year and one boy is a sixth grader and he’ll be a 7th grader next year. So I actually won’t be the only boy on the cheer-leading squad one boy plus two more equals three boys on the cheer-leading team so next year I’ll have three boys on the cheer-leading Squad.”

    “Would you do cheer-leading in college?”

    “Yes, of course I would say heck yeah I would love to do cheer-leading in college it would be so much fun.”

    “What would you say to other boys who want to do cheer-leading but are too nervous to try?”

    “Heck no I am never too nervous to try anything I feel strong and powerful to try anything even teach boys that are interested in the cheer-leading squad my double kicks.”

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